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I am not a Newbie, well not much anyway, but I
did stop bothering learning all about how Windows worked after Win 95 (just too much effort!). So I am puzzled that my high-spec laptop (Pentium III, 650Mhz, 10GB, 256MB Ram) is so slow when it comes to viewing files on my hard disk (which is not partitioned).

I was wondering if anyone had any ideas as to why, when I double click on a folder, it takes an age for it to reveal the files within that folder. (I also have a Zip drive, and CD drive and Explorer reveals the files on these medium much quicker.)

I think the hard disk on the laptop (Dell Inspiron) isn't the fastest, but still... I don't expect to have to wait an age just to look at files in a sub-folder.

Thanks very much,

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