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Hi all,
Have Win98SE. Ran profile summary for my PC recently. It states I am using IE5.51.4807.2300. OK. The control panel/systems/general reads Win98SE 4.10.222A.

Next statement.......
I previously un-installed IE6 when I un-installed OE6 too a few months ago.

My question is....
When I deleted IE6, the IE5.5 remained but not seeing Service Pack II anymore that I previously installed. Shouldn't it be listed under control panel/systems/general. Did that wipe out my Service Pack II for IE5.5 when I deleted IE6 or what. How can I tell. I am all confused. AND MS Windows Update site runs the test on what I need and comes up with only latest critical update needed. While there, I also run installation history. It shows IE5.5 Service Pack II being installed successfully in 2001. Do I have the Service Pack II on my system or don't I. Don't want to repeat download of SP II if I don't have to. Please help. I am all confused about this. Thank you.....longlashes

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