"Computer Slowing Down? Crashing? Error Messages? Want To Know How To Unleash The REAL Power Of Your PC And Keep It In Tip-Top Condition?"

"The Answer Lies In Knowing How To Tweak Your Windows Registry. And It's NOT As Difficult  As The Techies Would
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Hi, I'm Joe Robson, owner of The Newbie Club™.

Imagine taking delivery of a thoroughbred high performance motor car. It's jam packed with high tech gizmos that will transform your motoring pleasure and set you apart from the average every day motorist.

Then you discover that the manufacturer has deliberately limited its performance by setting its controls to 'average'. Try as you might, you cannot exceed those 'default' limitations unless you know how to adjust its controls to unleash its REAL high tech innovations.

Unreal? Maybe. But believe it or not, your PC manufacturer did exactly that to your the PC. Its REAL high tech potential has been deliberately limited so that only the 'Techies' know how to tweak and adjust it to release its MASSIVE power. Power which the normal everyday PC user never even knew about. Because it can only be released through a control panel which - up to now- has frightened the life out of Newbies. 

And the control panel used to release that power is The Windows Registry!

'For All Versions Of Windows'

"Finally, You Can Solve The Mystery Once And For All"

Most people believe there's a mysterious high-tech force behind Windows. A force that dictates its every move, color, and option. So they go through life accepting the default settings which the manufacturer installed when they first bought their PC.

Accepting those defaults severely limits what you can really achieve. Because by careful adjustment and tweaking of your Windows Registry settings you can supercharge your PC like you never believed possible.

And many PC problems can be cured - even avoided - by delving into the Registry and fine tuning its controls. In fact, some problems can ONLY be cured this way! Because make no mistake about it - your Windows Registry controls every function of your PC. 

It's your computer's brain!

Adjusting your Windows Registry allows you to make your computer uniquely yours. Unlike anyone else's. And definitely not like the vanilla flavored affair you got straight out of the box!

Registry for Newbies takes you behind the scenes with a gentle introduction, revealing why it does what it does- and how it does it!

Then you get to explore on your own. Whether you're just satisfying curiosity, or you're genuinely interested in learning more about what makes your computer tick and how to boost its performance, this Newbie-Friendly 23 Chapter course is definitely for you. 

"You Can Only Master Your PC If You Understand It"

Yes, your PC is a complex beast. But as our Newbie-Speak courses have proved to thousands of people all over the world - you can be the master.

Registry for Newbies takes you from the very basics of explaining what the Registry is and how it works, to showing you with 23 Chapters and dozens of Pictures how to make changes. All safe. All tested. And extremely interesting. 

When you tell your friends, "Yea, I'm tweaking my Windows Registry" they may think you've gone mad. But it's your computer, and you will make it do things your friends never even dream about. 

"Techie Skills Are Definitely NOT Required"

You don't need programmers to write special programs, and you certainly don't need to understand computer science. You simply follow our step by step fully illustrated instructions at your own speed - a few hours - a few days - or a few weeks. It's entirely up to you!

But what you do learn will benefit you for the rest of your life!

We've written this course using our highly acclaimed Newbie Club Learning format. The same famous format that makes all our products such huge sellers all around the globe. Easy to follow - and FUN!

Here's a very brief extract from one of the chapters, showing the style and content used in Registry for Newbies ...



"The Windows Registry: Getting Acquainted"

The Registry is edited with a tool found in your Windows folder. That tool is the Windows Registry Editor. It's called Regedit.exe and is included with Windows for the purpose of viewing and editing the Registry.

To start the Windows Registry Editor, all you do is type "regedit" into the Run line of the Start Menu. You'll see the following window ...

editorwindow.gif (5671 bytes)

This is where you'll do your editing. The left pane is the tree view with folders, called keys.  The right pane shows the contents of the currently selected folder. The contents are called values. The items in the left pane aren't really folders, they're just called folders in order to give them a convenient method of naming and displaying the information.

Here's the Windows Registry Editor with a key selected, displaying its values in the right pane ...


Each key can contain other keys, as well as values. Each value contains the actual information stored in the Windows Registry itself. Keys are shown in the left pane, and values in the right pane.

There are three types of values: String, Binary, and DWORD. Their use is determined by the program that created them. 

To display a value, click on the key (folder) of choice and look at its value in the right pane. 

To expand a key, click the plus sign next to it, or double click on the folder.

The Windows Registry Editor allows you to perform the following operations:
....... (etc etc. Hey I can't give it ALL away:-)


"There Are 23 in-Depth Chapters ( 22 in XP Version )"

1: Introduction 
2: Explaining the Registry
3: The Structure of the Registry.
4: The Settings and the DWORD
5: The Big Picture
6: The Five Keys
7: Backing up the Registry
8: Automating Backups
9: Restoring a Corrupted Registry
10: About Patches
11: How to Apply Patches
12: An Example Patch
Creating a Valid Patch
14: Cool Tricks
15: More Cool Tricks
16: Folder Options and Customization
17: Visual Properties of Folder Options Table
18: Registry Properties of Folder Options Table
19: Hex Roots Table
20: Tutorial on Creating Folder Options
21: Effective Searching
22: Class IDs
23: For Win 9x Systems only

That's 23 Fun and demystified tutorials designed to help you finally understand the inner workings of your PC. 23 Newbie-Speak Chapters that will help you adjust, tweak, and turbo-charge your computer's system and performance. 23 FULLY ILLUSTRATED chapters of help and tuition that will finally remove your fears, and the mystery of computing. And let YOU become the Master!

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"The Famous Newbie Club™
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"If, within 12 months of purchase and for any reason whatsoever, you decide that The Newbie Club™ Registry for Newbies is not for you, simply let us know and we'll refund your purchase price immediately. No Questions Asked! No ifs, buts or maybes. No hidden clauses and no small print! That's more than just a guarantee, that's my Personal Promise.


How much?

Just $29.95!

That's right, just $29.95 for the key to the vault. The key that will open up a whole new world of smart computing, and put YOU in charge of what YOU want! Why just make do with the basic functions installed by your PC manufacturer?

So grab that key Right Now, and catapult yourself from PC Newbie to accomplished computer veteran at a stroke. You just won't believe what you can achieve.

My very best wishes,


P.S. Remember; whichever way you look at it you can't lose. Registry for Newbies has been used by thousands of people like yourself around the world for over 3 years. But if you decide - for any reason whatsoever - that it's not for you, then just ask for a full refund and we'll oblige. And you can take a FULL 12 months to decide!

For XP Version

95/98/Me/2000 Version

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